Our School

Our School

Riviere Doree Anglican Combined School

School’s Mission

Our Mission is to create a safe, orderly environment in which each child will be nurtured to enthusiastcally develop himself/herself to the fullest, so that he/she can function meaningfully as a useful productive citizen.

School’s Motto

Hard Work Leads to Success

School’s Vision

The Riviere Doree Anglican Combined School is committed to the total development and welfare of its pupils. We believe that each child has the capacity to learn.

Our Vision is to develop a model institution that will:

  • Cater for the physical needs and development of every child.
  • Euip/furnish every student with skills to man a range of technological euipment to optimize learning and to enable the child to function effectively in society.
  • Develop independent minded citizens with positive social behavior and favorable values.
  • Work collaboratively with all stakeholders in pursuit of the national goals.
  • Instill in staff a high level of motivation, commitment, competency, discipline, and teamness.