Grace Anglican Church

Our History

The school got its name from the community and the religious organization under which it was eventually established. Riviere Doree originated from the Riviere Doree Community, The community was so named becausw of the once large, thriving, lively river (Riviere - French) associated with it. The name Doree, French in origin, came about becasuse of the activities conducted on the river. Logs were tied together on which goods from inland (especially sugar cane) were transported down river to an area near the beach, where the raw sugar was processed. The remains of an old sugar mill still exist. Of course, the the Anglican came from the Anglican religious body under whose management the school still is today. Hence the name, "Riviere Doree Anglican Combined School".

It is widely accepted that the Riviere Doree Anglican Combined School came into existence immediately after the aboliton of slavery. It was one of the elementary schools established under the Lady Mico Charity Grant. This was after the successful efforts of Thomas Fowell Buton. He directed the resources of the charity to the education of the children of former slaves in the British West Indian Colonies, where slavery was in the process of being abolished. In 1838, the first Mico Trust School in St. Lucia was established in Riviere Doree, through the efforts the Alexander family, who came to live in the community in 1790. Riviere Doree was the first community to have an established school in Choiseul, and by extension St. Lucia. The present Riviere Doree Anglican Combined School is built not too far from the site of the then Mico Trust School. The school was run by three sisters, daughters of Mr. Alexander, namely Christine, Janette and Robertina. It is one of the few schools that did not perish with the culmination of the Negro Grant in 1890.

After the establishment of the school, many ex-patriates served as head teachers. The first local to head the school was deceased Mr. C.O.E Mortley. He was succeeded by Mrs. Fortuna Anthony Husbands, Mr. John Mathurin, Mrs. Kay Clarke Nicholas and now Mrs. Secodina Alcee.


The school has continues to play a pivotal role in the lives of the community, the society and the island. It has excelled locally and nationally with notable alumni, such as Mr. Ferguson John, a lawyer by profession, served as district representative for Choiseul/ Saltibus in St. Lucia's parliament; Hon. Kenny D. Anthony- former Prime Minister of St. Lucia; Maureen John Xavier- lawyer by profession. In 1998, Nalisa Mariette topped the public schools on island in the Common Entrance Examination. Other alumni that continue to make us proud are Elvis David, a chef by profession, currently studying Culinary Arts in Australia, among many others.