About Us

About Us

Meet The Staff

Mrs. Secodina Alcee: Acting Principal


Mrs. Melia Mathurin: SEN Teacher


Ms. Eve Aimable : Grade  6 Teacher

Ms. Jemma Auguste: Grade K Teacher

Ms. Jemma Auguste: Grade K Teacher








Ms: Antoina Josephat: Grade 2 Teacher

Ms: Antoina Josephat: Grade 2 Teacher

Mrs. Liz Monrose

Mrs. Liz Monrose: Grade 4 Teacher

Mrs. Lerona Alcindor: Grade 3

Mrs. Lerona Alcindor: Grade 1 Teacher

Ms Melanie Mathurin: French Teacher

Ms Melanie Mathurin: French Teacher

Ms. Shermika Tobierre

Ms: Shermika Tobierre: Grade 5 Teacher

Ms Fercint Athil

Ms Fercinta Athil: Grade 1 Teacher

Ms. Askoua Paul

Ms. Askoua Paul: Music Teacher







Ms. Joseph

Ms. Sheria Joseph: Principal's Assistant




Ms. Latoya Jonas: IT Assistant

Ms. Gabriel

Ms. Gabriel: The Charismatic Cook

Mrs Kay Weeks: The Elegant Janitor






Mr. Andrew Magloire

Mr. Andrew Magloire: Care Taker









Johann Williams: Physical Education Teacher

Johann Williams: Physical Education Teacher

Meet the Parent Teachers' Association

Riviere Doree Anglican Combined School has elected its Parent Teacher Association to serve for 2016-2018.  The Parent Teacher Association is committed to working with the school to deliver quality instruction to students and to ensure that all at this institution work under safe and healthy standards.  One of the major aims of this body to to encourage greater parental involvement and to lobby and advocate on behalf of the parents, teachers and students of the school.  Additionally, our PTA  aims to promote the development in academic performance and the physical and mental health of children through close home-school co-operation. They also envisage helping  parents to better understand their children’s needs and to arouse their interest and involvement in youth policy through parent education.  Our PTA also provides  a channel for both parents and the school to exchange opinions concerning school policies for promoting the development of the school.


Mesach Nestor- President 


Tessa Lawrence- Vice President


Gilda Louis- Advisor


Daria Jn Baptiste- PRO



Denise Herman- Secretary



Lorna Remy - Treasurer

Brief History Of the Riviere Doree Anglican Combined School

The School got its name from the Community and the religious organization under which it was eventually established. Riviere Doree originated from the Riviere Doree Community. The Community was so named because of the once large, thriving, lively river (Riviere - French) associated with it. The name doree, French in origin, came about because of the activities conducted on the river. Logs were tied together on which goods from inland (especially sugar cane) were transported down river to an area near the beach where the raw sugar was processed. The remains of an old sugar mill are still evident. Of course, the Anglican came from the Anglican religious body under whose management the school still is today. Hence the name, “Riviere Doree Anglican Combined School”.

It is widely accepted that the Riviere Doree Anglican Combined came into being immediately after the abolition of slavery. Riviere Doree was one of the elementary schools established under the Lady Mico Charity Grant. This was after the successful efforts of Thomas Fowell Buxton to direct the resources of the Charity to the education of the children of the ex-slaves in the British West Indian Colonies, where slavery was in the process of being abolished. In 1838, the first Mico Trust School in St. Lucia was established at Riviere Doree through the efforts of the Alexander Family who came to live in that community in 1790. It was the first community to have an established school in Choiseul and by extension, St. Lucia. The present Riviere Doree Anglican Primary School is built not too far away from the site of the then Mico School. The school was being run by three sisters, the three daughters of Mr. Alexander, namely Christine, Janette and Robertina. Riviere Doree Anglican Combined School is one of the few Schools that did not perish with the culmination of the Negro Grant in1890.

After the establishment of the School, many expatriates served as head teachers. The first local to head the School was deceased Mr. C.O.E. Mortley. He was succeeded by Mrs. Fortuna Anthony Husbands, Mr. John Mathurin, Mrs. Kay Clarke Nicholas and now Mrs. Secodina Alcee as Acting Principal.   

The School has and continues to play a pivotal role in the lives of the community, the society and the Island. It has excelled locally and nationally with notable alumni   such as Mr. Ferguson John –lawyer by profession, who also served as district representative for Choiseul/Saltibus in St. Lucia’s parliament; Hon. Kenny D. Anthony – former Prime Minister of St. Lucia; Maureen John  Xavier –lawyer   by profession.  In 1998 Nalisa Mariette topped the public schools on island in the Common Entrance Examination. Other alumuni continue to make us proud such as Elvis David a Chef by profession who is currently studying  culinary arts in Australia among many others.

Many persons who taught at the Riviere Doree Anglican Combined School moved on as administrators. Some of these are: Mr. Cuthbert Oswald Mortley who became principal of the Riviere Doree Anglican Combined School; Miss Theresa Mason who became Principal of the Roblot Combined School; Mrs. Lucy Nicholas who became Principal of the Roblot Combined School; Mr. John Mathurin who became Principal of the Riviere Doree Anglican Combined School and subsequently Education Officer for District Seven; Mrs. Valencia Obeius Charlery who became Principal of the Piaye Combined School and   Officer for District Eight; and more recently Mrs. Kay Clarke Nicholas who became Principal of the Riviere Doree Anglican Combined School and is currently the Acting  Education Officer for District Seven.               

School's Mission

 Our Mission is to create a safe, orderly environment in which each child will be
nurtured to enthusiastically develop his/her fullest, so that he/she can function
meaningfully as a useful and productive citizen.


School's Motto

Hard Work Leads to Success

School's Vision

The Riviere Doree Anglican Combined School is committed to the total development and welfare of its pupils. We believe that each child has the capacity to learn.

Our Vision is to develop a model institution that will:

  • Cater for the physical needs and development of every child.
  • Equip/furnish every student with skills to man a range of technological equipment to optimize learning and to enable the child to function effectively in society.
  • Develop independent minded citizens with positive social behavior and favorable moral values.
  • Work collaboratively with all stakeholders in pursuit of the national goals.
  • Instill in staff a high level of motivation, commitment, competency, discipline, team-ness and motivation.



Our Lunch Programme Menu



Bouillion with ground provisions, peas/beans, carrot, cabbage



Curried/baked chicken, rice and lentils, steamed vegetables



Macaroni and cheese pie, stewed turkey, green fig salad, vegetables



Stewed lamb neck, white rice, lentils, steamed vegetable



Fried dahl with yellow split peas or pizza or bread  with stewed sausage, juice


School Houses


Anthony house was name after Mrs Fortuna Anthony (Past principal) and is the yellow house at Riviere Doree Anglican Combined.


Mortley house was name after Mr Cuthbert Mortley (Past principal) and is the red house at Riviere Doree Anglican Combined.


Skeete house was name after Ms Skeete (Past teacher) and is the green house at Riviere Doree Anglican Combined.

Where are we located