Joint Partnership for School Kitchen Garden

Joint Partnership for School Kitchen Garden

Joint Partnership for School Kitchen Garden

The continued collaboration between the Ministry of Commerce and the University of Vermont has once again borne fruit.  This time it is at the Riviere Doree Anglican Combined School.veer

One Monday 9th January, 2017 four students from the University of Vermont arrived at the school to assist in setting up a School Kitchen Garden.  This was mainly to allow the University of Vermont students to conduct their research for school as well as providing the students at the Riviere Doree Anglican Combined School to experience and gain the knowledge needed in setting up and maintaining a kitchen garden.project

The project lasted for a period of four days.  The University of Vermont students got additional support from Mr Johann Williams and the Agriculture Club.  Over the four days, students were engaged in doing field work, class presentations as well as playing games to help them better understand the concepts.  One such game was Decomposed Tag to help the students understand the concept of Composting.

Various crops like corn, cucumbers, carrots, celery, parsley, watermelon and onions were planted.  When harvested these these crops will be used to further enhance the School Feeding

At then end of the third day every student  who participated in the project was given a jar with a planted seed to take home.

With only one day left, the group conducted a final plenary session.  A short farewell ceremony was held where the University of Vermont students were presented with tokens.


This was a very rewarding experience for both the Vermont University students and our students.  We wish to thank the Ministry of Commerce for having selected our school to be part of this project.

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